The objective of this project is to map foreclosures in Mercer and compare it to income group. Mercer County has some of the most affluent areas in the state (such as Pennington, Princeton, and West Windsor) and some of the most economically disadvantaged areas such as Ewing and Princeton. The goal is to see if certain groups are being targeted.

Data Collection:

The data collected for this analysis were pulled from different sources. Income data was from US Census website. Race demographics was from Geography Networks. Foreclosure data was found online on the County Sheriff’s website. Sub-Prime lender data was from BusinessWeek.


ArcGIS was used for the mapping. Census Data (excel file) was joined with census tracts on ArcGIS Map. Foreclosure and Sub-Prime Lender data was geocoded onto the street layer of the map.


Income areas and race population statistics are illustrated using thematic mapping. Foreclosure and lender locations locations are pinpointed.

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