Map Analysis

Foreclosed Properties in Mercer County

As you can see from this map, there are more foreclosures in the Trenton area in compared to other areas of the county. Additionally, income is lowest in the Trenton area while it is highest in the Princeton/West-Windsor Area.

Location of Sub-Prime Lenders in Comparison to Foreclosures and Income Areas

As you can see, there is a trend where lenders are more located in lower income areas.

Map based on African American populations

There is a great pattern where lenders are located in areas that have heavy concentrations of African Americans. In particular, Hightstown, which is largely middle-class, has very concentrations of African Americans and there are lenders located here.

Map based on Hispanic Populations

Like the former map, there is also a pattern where Lenders are located in areas with higher populations of Hispanic Americans. In the small pocket area of Princeton that has a higher concentration of Hispanics, there are a couple of lenders located there.

Map based on Asian-American Populations

This map shows patterns where Asian Americans have the lowest concentrations in areas with high foreclosures. Why are lenders locating in areas of African Americans and Hispanics but not Asians? One factor is income as noted by the first map. However, my conclusion is that further research is required to why Asians are not targeted.

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